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    Wink Vintage Halston 1-12 bought in store today

    Recently bought Halston
    1-12 French Frag. I looked at it and was like wait , this pre ingredients time, it was the beginning of the Green Dot times and it's from Miami , Florida French Fragrance ..I smelled it and bought 45$...this my Reviews on it , it very mellow tone of it's big brother , more piney, powdery, minty very round soapy, like a nice natrual made Irish spring soap.its not a strong performer , in a fresh moist forest , Oakmoss is definitely in here , over all I do like very much..I'm also Experimenting with Layering the both , Halston Z-14 & 1-12 ..I like it alot , I mean maybe even out it in a decant ..a 10ml one half 1on 1..I mean both vintages both with Oakmoss and it's formula but layering it's nice very old school Barbar shop soap leathery spice, pineyIMG_20190912_230806.jpgIMG_20190912_230914.jpg

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    Always liked this one. However, I vastly prefer its brother, Z-14. To me 1-12 is a little too nondescript "soapy" and has an odd "leafy" quality to it, like the smell of the lawn at the end of October. It's really good, but the rich resinous Italian vibe of Z-14 just feels a bit more developed and rounded out as a serious fragrance.

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    I agree that vintage 1-12 is not a powerhouse, unlike vintage Z-14, but as your nose gets used to it, you might perceive it more strongly. That's what happened with my vintage bottle. I tend to think of 1-12 more of a dirty, green, citrus frag, then a powerhouse.

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