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    Default Tawakkal Perfumes (UK) - beware

    Tawakkal were the cheapest place to buy a Rasasi Boruzz perfume, so I ordered through PayPal.

    Having asked a couple of times when delivery date would be, they cancelled my order.

    They emailed a couple of times with sob stories and promises of a refund 'soon', but I had to make a PayPal claim to get my money back.

    If you look on their Facebook page I'm not the only one who's had problems.

    I might have been unlucky, but I won't be trying again.

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    Default Re: Tawakkal Perfumes (UK) - beware

    Hadn't heard of them until now. Looks like they're based in Birmingham.

    Will be steering clear of them given this for sure...

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    Default Re: Tawakkal Perfumes (UK) - beware

    Jokers, always by Rasasi from
    , they are official Rasasi distributors and reliable.

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