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Hi people. I was directed to your site and I hope you can advise. Family relations are redecorating their mothers bedroom and discovered this plus another Dior perfume (see other question) stowed in her wardrobe. And I have been tasked to find its likely age, value and where is the best place to sell for her. As can be seen from the pictures It is an unopened CD "Diorissimo" perfume in its original cellophane wrapped box complete with all labels. The box base reads 8 FL.OZ. Ref 8406. Made in France and his the little Boutique Christian Dior label in the left hand corner.The outer packing and embossed seals are in very good condition with just tiny marks on the seals. From their mothers memory she thinks that they are possibly some 30 years old. Is there any way to verify or approximate the age? Likewise as it is entirely unopened will the contents be good and usable. My opinion is that as they have been stored in the wardrobe, in the dark and cool they should be ok. As can be seen by the box there appears to be no bleaching of the colours. What sort of value should I place on it and as she is not going to use where is the best place to sell, then she can purchase something that will be of benefit to her.I have attached 3 pictures for your viewing.1-DSCF7382.jpg2-DSCF7383.jpg3-DSCF7384.jpg