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Thread: Tsar = Jazz ?

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    Default Tsar = Jazz ?

    I sampled "Tsar" by VanCleef & Arpels and it smells almost exactly "Jazz" by YSL. Did you notice it?

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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    to me the opening is very similar (pungent bright green) but the drydown is totally different, tsar is way too soapy and jazz has very nice floral aromatics with nutmeg and amber tone, way more elegant. i like them both very much.
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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    indeed, they are not the same no way

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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    Different for me also.
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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    Agreeing with the group... not the same.

    Not even kinda. But good though.
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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    Quote Originally Posted by rum View Post
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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    Tsar is greener and sportier.
    Jazz is smoother and spicier to me.
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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    Noooo wayyy lol Tsar is Tsar and Jazz well has its own smell aswell, Jazz , Pasha, and Safari have the same scent but all differ , bot not Tsar Van Cleef idk what comes close with that scent , they all fall in the same lane as eachother ,I believe they even came out the same year or one before the other ..

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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    I do like em both alot too, I own Tsar old and older ..I had jazz and to be honest , I can't believe I haven't reupped on a new bottle ,either vintage or old , I had the L.A Collection Jazz amd was really good never smelled the vintage , is it really much of a difference?

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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    i dispise the LA collection Jazz, doesnt match up to the early versions imo

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    Default Re: Tsar = Jazz ?

    Being familiar with both and loving both to consider adding either to the personal fragrance lineup, did not perceive them as too similar.

    Apart from a slightly comparable opening and even mid phase, especially the fact that they are fresh scents with the right hint of elegance and slight formality, with citrus and herbal hints in a proper balance between casual and more mature, they both take on very different directions within their base/final impression.

    In the case of Tsar a far more piney, resinous, earthy, incense-like, mossy, in the case of Jazz, a more minty and/or fresh woody turn.
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