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Thread: Vintage Dior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earlyn View Post
    Bavard, you and grayspoole both see some relationship between Diorama and Diorella depending on vintage or re-release which makes me want to sample the new stuff and just approach it as a completely different fragrance.
    The dominant accord in Diorama, Diorella, Dior-Dior, and Le Parfum de Therese is roughly the same to me. For something to establish in the rotation, any one of these would scratch the same itch, sort of like only having one Dave Brubeck song in the playlist.

    Sampling, of course, is a different matter. I really want to get samples of the newer versions of the Creations of Monsieur Dior. Their website shows a picture of Eau Fraiche, but I don't see where to click to buy it. They also have one I don't know of, that's pink, called Forever and Ever Dior. Aside from that, they have edt's of Diorama, Diorissimo (+ edp), Diorella, and Dioressence, plus Miss Dior Originale. I've tried these in the shop - the Dioressence a few times - but I need a day at home wearing each of them to get the full experience, especially Dioressence and Diorama.

    In their Maison Christian Dior line, there are now Dioramour and Diorissima. Dioramour is a lot like Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense, from brief testing. I've tried Diorissima just once in the shop. They call it a fruity foral. I though is was nice, but too light to be gripping.

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    I’ve been working on liking Diorissimo today. It’s my first try. 1980s version. I am beginning to really like it. It is a HUGE floral to me at this point. It is a bit light in some ways, but underneath the hood it is VERY floral. I love florals but even for me, it’s big in a quiet way. Like taking a million flowers, and sniffing them for a few feet away.

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    Wearing a generous sample of Dior-Dior this evening, that Camel was kind enough to share. I haven’t smelled this one in 20+ years and it was instantly familiar: my grandmother wore this beauty from time to time. I am transported.

    Opens fruity, with the juicy melon that shows it’s ripened face in Diorella, along with the fresh lily of the valley of Diorissimo; a nod to both, but facsimile of neither. The brightness of bergamot gives this a cleaner, smoother opening than either of its sisters, the notes are restrained, and the composition tight. There’s a whisper of something spicy, but soft, and way in the background, like a dusting of star anise on the top of a peach pudding.

    And then the narcissius blooms against a backdrop of moss. Oh my goodness, what joy it is! Two of my favourite notes dancing in perfect harmony, and what a song they sing. Pure and clear, like an aria, with the depth and hints of darkness and decay that I always perceive in narcissus: that archetype of beauty and unhappy endings. A gentle ripple of musks rounds out the base: a pillowy soft backdrop to the yellow-green florals. No one does this playful economy of textures and contrasts quite like Roudnitska.

    It’s been an absolute joy to smell this again. Thanks Camel, for the opportunity.
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