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    Default Re: Why do you seek out vintage?

    A quality of " Closer to the Mastertape" interests me.

    In spite of the fact that I think Dior Sauvage as an atrocity, I own a Vintage 2015 bottle to provide a record within my Wardrobe. I traded for it with a 2017 Vintage that had been given to me in a draw.
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    Default Re: Why do you seek out vintage?

    I have enough to last more than one lifetime, so I don't seek it out. Sometimes a great deal comes along or something I have never tried comes available at a great price. Why did I seek out vintage originally? Complexity, depth, note separation, compositional superiority, naturalness...

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    Default Re: Why do you seek out vintage?

    To experience what the perfumer had envisioned in the first place, of course. I’m much less interested in adulterated bean counter editions or IFRA-neutered ‘shadows of former selves’.
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    Default Re: Why do you seek out vintage?

    Nostalgia is very tied to my sense of smell. So that's pretty much it!
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    Default Re: Why do you seek out vintage?

    I like to buy vintage fragrances for a few reasons.

    1) Is that it's like being transported back in time. Even if I never smelled the fragrance before, it's like getting a chance to experience what it was like to live in the era it came out in.

    2) I've tried some of the classics through reformulation. Many of them have a great overall scent profile but either they smell cheap, poorly blended, or too basic. Getting a chance to try the vintage version is like living in black and white Pleasantville, then seeing the world in color. It's a richer experience.

    An example:
    Polo Sport vintage
    A very strong and bold fragrance despite having a sporty, fresh, "blue" quality to it.
    Polo Sport reformulated
    You smell this one and right away you think, "oh, that's Polo Sport" but it smells fuzzier for some reason. Like watching your favorite show on TV but the reception is bad and there's some static. Vintage is like watching it again, this time remastered in 4k.

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    Default Re: Why do you seek out vintage?

    Everyone on this thread has already articulated the various reasons I find vintage scents so compelling.

    I have yet to find a single modern fragrance that both thrills and comforts me to the extent that vintage scents do. Plus, I am an absolute goon for oak moss, Mousse de Saxe, nitromusks, and real civet, ambergris, and castoreum.
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