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There are shades of truth in all three of your statements, so rather than go with an agree/disagree reply, I'll just share my experience and how it shaped my perspective on Aventus with a caveat, that I can only speak for how it is here in the United States. Things may be different in other countries:

Aventus has been on the market since 2010. I had heard of it and Creed since I've been in the hobby for so long, but had not encountered a soul like myself who knew what it was or wore it until I moved here.

You won't find Aventus in the majority of median to lower-income areas in the country, let alone Creed, or hardly any niche at all outside of hole-in-the-wall specialty perfume shops, and here's why:

I lived in Baltimore MD, one of the poorest and most crime-ridden cities in the US, all my life up until Jan 2015. I was 33 at the time. There is ONE Nordstrom for the entire Baltimore Metropolitan area back then, and it was in Towson, one of the few high-end enclaves of wealth inside the Baltimore County line (you had to go closer to DC otherwise). There was no Creed counter in that Nordstrom. I had never seen a Neiman Marcus until moving here. My entire life until I moved here, I had never heard of nor seen Creed or Aventus. If some rich people in Towson wore it, they never spoke of it because they were an island of rich in an ocean of poor, and it was as obscure as any niche brand could be expected to be in an area of the US where buying a bottle of Nautica from Walmart is "Big Pimpin'"

Now, I'm sure there are plenty of Maryland fragheads that would come out of the woodwork if they could see this thread and go "oh yeah all my friends wear Aventus and it's like Cool Water", because in THEIR world it is. They also probably know most of their friends from the internet and have meetups like many do in this community. It's a microcosm like any focused interest. However, I can assure you there are likely no 16 year old boys in the public schools of Baltimore City or any of the surrounding counties wearing Aventus unless they're online and watching Jeremy Fragrance, Gentscents, or other reviewers and nabbing decants off eBay with their summer job money. If so, they are in the distinct minority of young men at that age living in what is the median income bracket for that area (still very low), they likely don't talk about it unless asked because being into fragrance isn't super impressive in poorer communities (like sports would be), and would actually be something for which you could get picked on.

However, once you enter into one of the few remaining areas of intense prosperity in the country, all that changes. Even then, there are still limitations, and here's why:

The Seattle metropolitan area, and the surrounding suburbs of Bellevue and Redmond are a different story from most of Washington. Here, I encounter Aventus in the wild every single time I go to downtown Bellevue where all the tech millionaires, billionaires, and general Amazonites and Microsoftians shop at one of several luxury malls or districts. In and around The Bravern especially, which is something a small ultra-luxe shopping district of designer boutiques and $300 a plate restaurants, you will catch clouds of Aventus the way you'd catch clouds of Sauvage in any normal mall. Move on to Seattle, and it is a bit more mixed because you'll find guys in Creed, Parfums de Marly, and Tom Ford Private Blends near the shopping corridors downtown, but more of the Sauvage, Bleu, Invictus, and other designers around the office towers, although Aventus does sometimes show up. You can catch a Creed here more often on what appears to be an older and higher-ranking suit in these business areas, but it usually smells like older Creed output like Silver Mountain Water.

For some reason, Aventus gets worn by more younger rich guys shopping than people working in this area (regardless of age). That may differ in other high-end cities. So from my experience, this will not become like Cool Water unless you are in an area like NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, Arlington, or Los Angeles, and all you hang around are upper middle-class professionals young enough to want Aventus over something else in the Creed line or an alternative like Parfums de Marly. Yeah, living in the biggest concentrations of wealth and prosperity within your given area will increase the likelihood that you'll encounter something like this in the wild and even more so if you're closer to the source in Western Europe or France; but for the other 90% of us, Aventus was first experienced from a decanted sample, or a blind purchase from watching reviews, and I'm not even talking people who consider themselves hobbyists or in "the game" of fragrance.

You have to sort of do the whole "Google Map Zoom-Out" from the comings and goings of this hobby sometimes to realize something that seems big to you is not big to the world. Is Aventus one of the biggest-selling niche masculine perfumes of all time? Yes. Is Aventus once of the most commonly-encountered niche perfumes for men in it's market segment? Yes. Could someone dealing on a daily basis with the kind of people who are likely to know about or be able to afford Aventus mistake it for being a mainstream fragrance? Absolutely. But outside of "fragbros" in the hobby or areas of concentrated wealth, this is not a popular or common scent in the US. Period. Walk the streets of a town like Pittsburgh PA, Kansas City MO, or any area that isn't one of the more populous or wealthy cities in the nation. You'll find tons of older mainstream masculines like Eternity for Men or Curve for Men getting plenty of play on buses and street corners, probably blasts of 1 Million or Eros in clubs, and the newest Dolce & Gabbana flanker being sprayed in the air at your nearest Macy's, but you will NOT encounter Aventus or even anyone who knows what it is.

Put another way, if you live anywhere outside the areas of influence in this country, and still manage to run across that one random intern, college kid, or "dude in line" in front of you at the bank smelling like Aventus, then THAT is guy with a vested interest in fragrances, and probably cruises YouTube reviews, maybe this site, and is the exception to the rule. Or then again, he might just be wearing Montblanc Explorer. *wink*
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