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    Default Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    It’s a start of a new DECADE that’s crazy, will be interesting what is in store for fragrances and houses in this coming decade. What are your plans for 2020 in regards to fragrances?

    For me I plan to acquire a few more fragrances and am really looking forward to seeing where fragrances go. Chanel is a house I’m really hoping drops a very nice new masculine in the next year or more (something unique and sets a new direction or trend) in the fragrance world. I also plan to slow down a bit with purchasing outside of some backup bottles, get some bills in order that would otherwise be more fragrances ha. I’ve started collecting metal albums (cds) that Apple Music doesn’t offer for stream so some of that money will be going there to.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Same as this year. Obtaining samples is more my thing now. Only purchased one bottle this year. My interest in fragrances is the same, but my urge to spend has changed.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?


    Probably to take a break from this site and focus my attention elsewhere for a bit.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Even though a new decade might justify and call for something remarkable, festive and/or experimental etc. will most likely simply go through a longer term list of personal favorites and/or prospective buys already considered for a while.

    Most but not all of these will be quite affordable or at least with good value for money even at higher prices/going rates, mostly classic, fairly non-trendy, preferably vintage male and unisex names by a few established houses among designers and maybe some niche, also without completely neglecting the newer scents either.

    Among the few others considered, inexpensive yet also reliable French (yet also to a lesser extent Italian, German etc.) houses will likely be chosen- Bogart, Lapidus, Lalique, possibly Vermeil, Chevignon, Roger&Gallet, Cofinluxe, Boucheron (this latter one perhaps among the slightly more pricey as well as a bit more opulent) having not just the makings of additional (re) testings but also of ultimate buys.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    I have cut down my fragrance spending dramatically the last year. I hope to continue. Maybe just one or two new "must haves" next year. And a few dozen samples. Otherwise, I would like to continue trying to shrink my collection. Not a lot, just shrink the number of samples by a hundred or so, and eliminate about 10 - 20 bottles that I really don't see as necessary.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    I will use my tax check to buy a bottle or two but hopefully nothing much more beyond that. I'll probably need to get another bottle or two to replace a couple that are getting low or may be low by next year.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Setting your thread up early I see...

    I'm basically going to follow the same plan as last year which is selling off the stuff I don't really want and limiting my buying to a very select few. But I have a few specific goals in mind regarding this:

    1) Move from 100 bottles (which I own currently) to 65 bottles (the ideal number for my wardrobe....50 just doesn't cut it).

    2) Only buy expensive niche fragrances to add to my collection, UNLESS a new designer that I really love gets released. I'll end up spending more when I allow myself to just buy whatever then if I limit myself to only expensive, special fragrances. It's very easy for me to make 10 purchases of frags between $30 and $50, but it's a much more deliberate and rewarding process to focus in on that one, $300 bottle that I'm going to truly enjoy. Cheapies totally counteract my goals. To begin, I spend more (as I just explained) but worst of all, they end up clogging up my collection with a bunch of stuff I don't really want.

    3) With #2 in mind, I'm going to be considering several fragrances from the Initio line. I find this house has the best fragrances I've experienced from any relatively new, niche brand in the past 10 years. There are about 3 or 4 that I plan on getting, but I don't want to get them all at once. So 2020 is about Initio.

    4) Start wearing more of my darker, woody-spicy and gourmand frags. The past couple of years I've been all about fresh scents. While I like fresh scents, I miss the darker stuff too. Lately I've been wearing some of my darker, spicier scents and they smell great.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    probably buy the rest of the amouages that ive been meaning to for over a year rather than keep buying random other things instead. yeah, that sounds like a good goal....
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    I think I might get a bottle of Creed Cedre Blanc. Will sample more niche scents in 2020 I hope.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks Otterlake View Post

    Probably to take a break from this site and focus my attention elsewhere for a bit.
    Same. I basically think I'm done now. In fact, I know I'm done. I'm just twiddling my thumbs with trying to finally wrap up the sample buying and accepting that I've found what I want, it's just a case of buying back ups as and where possible.

    With that in mind, my 'plans' would be just that - buying back up bottles, leaving the forums alone, and maybe trying out the odd scent here and there when I can try them for free. But no more money being spent on samples. I'm finally done - and it was a good search.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Buy less, wear more. Shift my acquisition focus from vintage to current artisan. Clear out the also-rans from my shopping spree. Post more puns.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Experiment outside of my wheelhouse with intent of whetting curiosity and broadening understanding of perfumery notes and accords generally without making any acquisitions.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Buy more, save more
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Keep on keepin on. Buy some. Sell some. Treading water is about right. Gotta stay under 50 in rotation for me. Otherwise i feel stress. Sampling. I like to just wind my way organically. Right now im diving in to Tom Fords. Im happy where im at, and with what im doing.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Same as this year. Continue with new bottle acquisitions from houses I collect and continue to prepare my grandson for the eventual take over of my entire collection.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    no more buying of perfumes, i just did a rough calculation and what i have right now i expect to last me 40 years if i regularly use it at the daily rate i that i do now. (5 sprays every day). i dont really expect to be around in 40 years.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    2018 was the year of the decant for me. 2019 was the year of the full bottle purchases. 2020 will probably be some selling, and some buying. I hope to use up some decants and other stuff I wear less often, and to make a few full bottle investments in things I love.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Less full bottles, more official atomizers. I do a lot of exploring, and every so often i find something i determine to be "full bottle worthy". What i've come to realize is that even with a small collection of 10 bottles, the chances of finishing a full bottle is minimal. That said, when I discover a love from a mainstream brand i'm going to look to just acquire an official travel atomizer. Enjoy the presentation of a branded glass atomizer, AND less clutter.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    My goal is to chill the fuck out with frags. I have about 50 bottles (including decants) and at least that many samples, if not more. That's enough to last me probably the rest of my life, realistically, so Im hoping that 2020 brings me a trend of not purchasing any new bottles or decants.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    My plan is still to acquire the pretty expensive Great Britain by Roja Dove. So probably I will buy 100 other fragrances instead/while saving up to it...
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    I am downsizing which means for the second year in a row, i am selling more than i am buying. I am not all that into designer stuff let alone the new releases so i will ignore them for the most part. The only two that i consider imperative to aquire are backups of Gucci Nobile and Bois du Portugal. I feel set for the most part with around 50 bottles. My goal is to cut it down to around 30 of loves. Trying to get rid of likes.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks Otterlake View Post

    Probably to take a break from this site and focus my attention elsewhere for a bit.
    True say McGoo.
    Maybe I'll find another forum to spend a year in! Can't be Badger&Blade as I'm a number 3 - 5 stubbly kinda guy ha!
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    Good thread - good to have a plan
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Selective editing of collection. I plan to buy a new bottle once a month or so to upgrade, and also to sell and remove the 30% I admire the least. +12 new, -180 old.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    I explored a lot of current designer this year and curbed the Avon and vintage. Next year will be more niche and artisinal, plus more feminines since they don't get covered enough thanks to the overwhelming dudeship of the site population.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    No more purchases
    1. No, never blind buy (I do, but do as I say, not as I do. I'm taking no responsibility for your fragrance gambling).
    2. Get them both. You're a Basenoter and you know you're going to end up purchasing them both eventually.
    3. Yes, it has been reformulated.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    My plan is to wear a lot of Russian sorcery perfumes to see if I can influence the 2020 election.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    It had only been a vague idea, but I suppose the idea is to keep trying to find the next great feminine, or line, or house. I'm looking for real talent, expertise, craft, defiance of IFRA and/or EU, naturals, and performance.

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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    I started buying/wearing fragrances seriously about a year ago, so the last year for me has been about exploring different houses, building up a collection of about 45 bottles, and learning my preferences. I don't have any firm limits, but I'd like to put the brakes on buying 100 and 50 ml bottles and focus on smaller decants/samples or maybe 30 ml bottles of niche/artisanal stuff.

    I want to sample more leather, oud and green/floral chypres. Especially interested in Dior, esp. Leather Oud, Chanel - need to track down a decant of Sycomore EdT, and sample No. 19; Comme des Garcons, hopefully get some Slumberhouse samples if the sample set comes together. Maybe some high-end Guerlain stuff like Songe d'Un Bois d'Ete. I want to explore more Middle Eastern houses, since I love oud and enjoy rose-oud combos, but it's a big daunting world I haven't spent much time in. Attars both intrigue and scare me.

    Most importantly though, I want to spend more time with the bottles I have and train my nose more, get to know individual notes better, etc. I can pick up things here and there, but stuff like Or Black still baffles my nose every time I smell it, there's just so much going on.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Very likely a continuation of this year, almost entirely just backups of my personal favorite dumb reach picks.
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    Default Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Lost my hope for new nice Guerlain releases so I probably will only expand my patchouli collection

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