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    Question Vintage YSL Opium bottle size question

    I received a bottle of vintage Opium from an ebay seller today, and it was listed as a 100ml bottle, but It looks like 2oz to me. There are no stickers or text on the bottle, other than the "YSL Opium eau de toilette". Can anyone tell me what size this is? I know they made unconventional sizes, like 2.3oz, so I just need another set of eyes to check it. Photo below.

    The bottle itself is in very poor condition; with hair, a piece of what appears to be candy (which wasn't shown in the photos), huge dents in the metal and no sprayer, or cap. I also see a bit of gunk inside the tubing, near the opening. The best method of extracting the juice inside, is to use a syringe, correct?


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    I figured out it's 1oz, not 3.4oz. The ebay listing wasn't exactly honest!
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