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    Default Good guides on decanting perfume without damaging bottle?

    Wanted to give a friend a sample of a perfume I have. However, I don't wish to damage the bottle or the sprayer during the extraction process. Any good guides on how to go about it?

    The bottle has a crimp finish so it's not like I can twist open the cap to pour the perfume into another bottle.

    Found this example: but was wondering if there is anything easier?


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    Default Re: Good guides on decanting perfume without damaging bottle?

    Just spraying into the atomizer (the first method in the video) should work well and spraying doesn't damage the original bottle. No need to try syringes or the like. As the video says, a little of the perfume will inevitably be sprayed in the air, but not much if one is careful and presses the spray slowly.

    Obviously, if you want to decant a large amount, it will take some time and patience (count at least 10 sprays per ml).


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    Default Re: Good guides on decanting perfume without damaging bottle?

    I just started decanting, I totally agree with Cacio, that's the easiest way. Spraying into smaller bottles works just fine, unless you are dealing with really small vials (1-2 ml), then sometimes too much gets sprayed into the air.
    I would be very careful spraying or using syringes on vintage bottles. I did it twice, for 5 ml decants I wasted at least an equal amount of fragrance. So far I haven't found the perfect way to decant vintages, so I'm simply not doing it, for me it's just not worth the hassle. A couple of times the trick with syringe did work, a few times it didn't, I guess it depends on the type of spray you have.

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    Default Re: Good guides on decanting perfume without damaging bottle?

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