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Thread: Halfeti - EDT?

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    Default Halfeti - EDT?

    Does this come in a EDT ?
    Quite a few have popped up all at once on the auction bay - labelled as EDT from the images - yet still listed as EDP.
    One listing kind of clears this up stating they were mis-labeled and the contents is EDP. I know there's a Penhaligons outlet in Bicester, UK - I wonder whther these were snaffled on the cheap there and now being listed en masse ?!
    Browsing the Penhaligon website there is no EDT of Halfeti. Only EDP.

    What say ye ?
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    Default Re: Halfeti - EDT?

    I own Halfeti EDP. Do not believe they make an EDT, one of my favorite scents, projects, longevity, all around a great fragrance, have received mutiple compliments, more so than other fragrances I own or have sampled.
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    Default Re: Halfeti - EDT?

    Never come across an EDT version/label of Halfeti. Only EdP.
    I'd steer clear.
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    Default Re: Halfeti - EDT?

    No edt. Never has been. Unless the seller has put edt by mistake??
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    Default Re: Halfeti - EDT?

    Also never seen Halfeti in EdT concentration.
    A few favourites

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    Default Re: Halfeti - EDT?

    Cheers folks!
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    Default Re: Halfeti - EDT?

    I just went to ebay and looked. Quite a few listings, all EdP.

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    Default Re: Halfeti - EDT?

    Check these out UK ebay

    All labelled EDT?

    Stranger and stranger : some have gotten their "purchase notes" - but this one looks really bad -
    Lol I checked out the address and number and it matches the one on Pen's website as does the odd email "BYrequest@..." I thought it should be BUYrequest @..?
    The Penhaligions "logo" looks really poor and I would expect a luxury type outfit to have a decent looking purchase note!!?

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