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    Default Any imput on WHEN Tobacco Vanille was reformulated?

    I searched threads to no avail, does anybody know roughly when Tobacco Vanille was reformulated?

    I have a 100ml decanted from a 2012 flacon and it's amazing stuff. The current version is more vanilla then tobacco, my 2012 is the opposite.
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    Default Re: Any imput on WHEN Tobacco Vanille was reformulated?

    I'm not an expert on Tom Ford's but if I had to guess, and based on personal experience, I'd say some time in 2012. I bought from a splitter on Ebay having no idea it was ever reformulated (rather I think it was just diluted and watered down), I got mine and was like WTF is this?? I asked some people on here, and made a topic, and that is where I learned it had been watered down around that time. Of course, I tried to speak to the seller and get the batch code of the bottle, but he/she was being very defensive in not wanting to tell me. So I left them negative feedback because of that, not even because of it being a later formulation, that's fine, because the listing never said which, it was more their attitude after. I wanted to know for my own piece of mind, and to be able to pass that information along to other BN'ers too. One persona even told me it was reformulated twice, and the current stuff is now at its weakest. I still like the one I got from Ebay, it's still pretty strong to me, but longevity is not as good. I used to get 24 hours plus, with one of the best dry downs ever, now I get maybe 12 if lucky.
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    Default Re: Any imput on WHEN Tobacco Vanille was reformulated?

    Tested this in April, 2012 (Paris, Champs Elysees) and it was extremely strong back then and for sure original stuff.
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    Default Re: Any imput on WHEN Tobacco Vanille was reformulated?

    My 2014 bottle is not that strong, at least not the beast I read about. I could probably go 4 sprays with it and it not be over powering in cold weather.

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