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    Default Knowingly or unknowngly wearing a Fake Fragrance/Aventus

    Aventus..... Crazy how this one fragrance has its own community and the amount of Love/Hate it receives. I have never owned a bottle but have gotten two samples from my local dept store. I do own Royal oud (16L01) and GIT (13T01), and will never be caught without those two. I also own a 2016 bottle of Armafs CDNIM, which has gotten me more compliments than any $20 bottle of cologne should. I have been following Aventus for some time now and reading through all the batch threads, Fake threads, and all others related to it. But what interests me the most about this one in particular is how often it is FAKED. There are 100's of ways a fragrance can be faked of course, but what draws me into Aventus, is how real they can get. There are obvious signs to watch out for (White ring under cap, Certain spray nozzle for certain years, Batch codes,etc). But what if you run into a bottle that checks out from what was just stated, and even smells great, but was some how manipulated. Cap taken off and filled with some chemicals that resemble Aventus. So you have a real bottle with all the bells and whistles but really spraying who knows what on you.

    Makes me wonder how many people buy Creeds from eBay and other sites, expensive or discounted, and wear them without even checking if authentic. Do they care? Does it really matter as long as it smells good? If you go on those websites there are more fakes then there are reals, and I know people who have not done proper research are buying them. All I know is, if and when I do decide to finally buy mine, I am going straight to my dept store and getting it straight from them no questions asked.

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    Default Re: Knowingly or unknowngly wearing a Fake Fragrance/Aventus

    There’s no crime in wearing a fake, just in selling one, I’d imagine. Making one for personal use, to share with friends and family, etc. should be fine, depending on the packaging / labeling.

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