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    Default Broken sprayer, help!

    I dropped one of my fragrance bottles, it’s Armani code Profumo
    Anyway, now the sprayer doesn’t work at all 😢
    Even if I take the cap off and I press the little white thing manually, no juice comes out
    What can I do?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you!

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    Default Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    Usually, the spray is not salvageable. I know some people use a syringe to remove the liquid from the little tube, but I don't know how to do it. I remove the spray mechanism with shears (carefully and with proper gloves), then decant to another bottle.


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    Default Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    At least you'll be able to find this one quite readily should you decide to repurchase it in the future.
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    Default Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    Can you not use a Travalo to decant the contents out?
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    Default Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    Sounds like that’s the way to go. Gonna have to pry off the metal clamped thing. Sigh.
    I wonder what actually broke inside of it?
    Oh well, thanks for the suggestion I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.
    I don’t think the syringe thing would work since nothing comes out at all, But maybe I should try that first anyway.
    Syringes are like 25 cents a piece at Rite aid, so it won’t hurt to try.
    Cheers and thanks again.

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    Default Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    Just remove the spraying mechanism and put the remaining liquid in a spray bottle. You can find bottles of all sizes on ebay. I had to do it the other day with my bottle of Caron Pour un Homme. I didn't even drop it. It just stopped working.
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    Default Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    Removing the spray mechanism is the difficult part though it’s glued on there and’s tough to do without breaking the glass and ending up with perfume all over the place, don’t want to waste this juice.

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    Default Re: Broken sprayer, help!

    So I got it...
    This method seems to work pretty well
    I put it in a soft clamp vice and twisted it around to make sure the glue was as unstuck as it could be
    Then I went at it gently with a flathead glasses (small tip) screwdriver to pry the bottom up
    Then I went at it with wire cutters
    Took a few minutes...very gentle, eventually got it off
    Very glad I succeeded, I tried to do this before and broke the glass ����*♂️
    Unfortunately the only thing I had to put the juice in was a bunch of 10ml decant I’ve got six tiny bottles of this lol.933A63F3-1099-4D6D-AE53-31F625FDB8F4.jpg

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