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    Default Re: Looking for leathers like Knize Ten

    Cuir Mauresque, and it's better.

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    Default Re: Looking for leathers like Knize Ten

    Quote Originally Posted by Monsieur Montana View Post
    I still haven't smelled something similar to this masterpiece.
    Quote Originally Posted by badarun View Post
    Same thoughts here...
    Quote Originally Posted by Ken_Russell View Post
    While it may be difficult to match this...
    Edit: Tried the newest version of Knize Ten. The excellent phenolic/creosote stuff has mostly been replaced by something woody and vaguely peppery. A more modern synthetic feel, decent drydown, less leather, more semi-sweet oriental. Feels harder, cheaper, almost drops into an annoying Tom Ford territory. Looks like you're stuck with the less interesting, Gomma, the hyper-floral Cuir Cannage, the heavier, sweeter Cuir Mauresque. or vintage Tabac Blond.

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