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    Default Hand soap and body wash

    Guests have always seemed to really appreciate it when I have nice smelling soaps in my bathroom. But I’ve always only bought things randomly. Could anyone give me advice on where to find standout level smelling hand soaps and body wash? Thanks ahead for whatever advice you could provide. I know nothing about this area.

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    Default Re: Hand soap and body wash

    Check out the offerings of the French house Roget & Gallet. They make wonderful perfumed soaps. They can be found rather easily in certain retail outlets.
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    Default Re: Hand soap and body wash

    There are a few threads on the board that you can peruse in the Cosmetics & Beauty section.
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    Default Re: Hand soap and body wash

    I like to stock Le Labo “Hinoki” liquid hand soap and lotion in my guest bathroom. Spendy, but lasts a long time.
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    Default Re: Hand soap and body wash

    I currently have Rituals (Precious Amber) and everyone that has used it when visiting love it.

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    Default Re: Hand soap and body wash

    Quote Originally Posted by Trilby Lark View Post
    I like to stock Le Labo “Hinoki” liquid hand soap and lotion in my guest bathroom. Spendy, but lasts a long time.
    I haven't tried this, but I see it's one of LL's more popular products.

    Nest perfumes never impressed me, but their candles and pump hands soaps ($28) are another thing. On the most affordable side, any body wash soap from Yves Rocher makes a great hand wash. YR rotates new scents through every year or so. I hope some day they bring back my fave, their Texas Bleu Cedre.
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    Default Re: Hand soap and body wash

    Rancé have great soaps. Long-lasting.
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    Default Re: Hand soap and body wash

    L'Occitane, Yardley, Tabac, 4711 (this latter one owned by the same company as Tabac), l'Erbolario and/or Bronnley may also be among the brands that are worth further exploring if seeking for either extremely affordable or only slightly pricier, yet still good value for money scented body washes, bar soaps and shower gels, as well as various other cosmetic, body care etc. products if both solid, non-problematic skin compatibility and also a pleasant, fairly good lasting scent in each

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