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    This is a weird post....well im a weird person so i guess it makes sense....but yesterday i bought some Extra Mint Chocolate Chip gum. Chewing a piece today and i just kept thinking....this tastes like something i have smelled before, and not mint chocolate chip ice cream either. It just hit me......this gum tastes like HdP 1969 smells, if that makes any sense. Anybody else get that, or am i even weirder than i think?

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    I have not tried such gums, so cannot comment. I can see that the patch, sweetish base of 1969 might recall some sort of chocolate. I don't get mint from 1969, but fruit. but perhaps said gums don't have mint either.


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    Never tried this gum either, but as far as 1969, it's a nice gourmand with rose, chocolate, peach and vanilla with a touch of vanilla. That must be a hec of a gum if it's anything like 1969.
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    Quote Originally Posted by avo1811 View Post
    Anybody else get that, or am i even weirder than i think?
    Everyone perceives scents differently, I don't get that , but that's not to say that you don't.
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    I got some sweetish fruit from HdP 1969
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    idk guys but now that its in my head i cant get it out, and this gum just doesnt taste good. to the garbage it goes.

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    1969 Parfum de Révolte has a wonderful opening but becomes boring rather quick (***)
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