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    Default Body & bath products found at TJ Maxx

    I like to use scented lotions, washes, and soaps, and rather than have to send away for everything I try to patronize my local business, which is a TJ Maxx.

    Since we are apparently at the end of the world here, we don't get the good stuff very often that I read others finding at theirs, so I imagine if I can find it here it must be generally available at TJ Maxxes everywhere.

    I thought it would nice to have a "Found at TJ Maxx" thread for this category of scented products, although nothing is permanently stocked with this company and you just have to see what they get in.

    For instance, over the years I have found brands like The Body Shop, Crabtree & Evelyn, Thymes from Minneapolis, Korres from Greece, Cereria Molla from Spain, The Art of Shaving by Proctor & Gamble, Molton Brown, Castelbel soaps from Portugal , and lots of Florentine & Provencal soapmakers. But not all of the time.

    Today I got excited because I found my first Claus Porto products - five different scents of hand cream, so I bought a couple of those to check out as they were small and inexpensive.

    They almost always have Pecksniff's products, too, but I don't recommend those.

    Just for the record, I have never even seen a Target, much less ever been in one, but I suppose that would work, too.
    How do you know what a French whorehouse smells like?

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    Default Re: Body & bath products found at TJ Maxx

    Aside from a jar of marinated mushrooms and a backup bottle of The Art of Shaving Sandalwood body wash, I picked up a bottle of Hopificio Rosewood liquid hand soap and an Antica Farmacista candle in Pomegranate Currant for a pretty good price, I must say.

    My local Maxx was loaded with Salvatore Ferragamo and Calvin Klein perfumes. I was sorely tempted by a Cartier scent because the price was just so good, but I have to remind myself to buy stuff I actually like, so that money was spent elsewhere.
    How do you know what a French whorehouse smells like?

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