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    Default Ethanol / Methanol


    Is there anything that can make Ethanol/Methanol special to use almost with every scent.

    Have a weekend with bundles of joys.

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    Don't use methanol.

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    Ethanol is for perfumery. You want 95%, generally speaking.

    Methanol is for industrial use. It is massively toxic and not for perfumery. If you use methanol, your products will kill someone.

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    helped me to know abt methanol.

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    Default Re: Ethanol / Methanol

    All that Perfumers need to know about the use of Methanol in Perfumes, is that a large enough dosage will kill your customer, and that you should never ever ever use methanol in your perfume substrate.
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    @Pkiler and everyone, I didn't know hazardous of Methanol. I am thankful to all of you who educated me and all the new comers.

    Btw, I don't sell perfumes but I'll take care of this for life.

    Can we make Ethanol special by adding anything to give most of perfumes bit exceptional.

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