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    Default Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    Hi, I made an account specifically for this. My mother recently passed away, and I found a perfume that she wore pretty regularly. Unfortunately I never asked her what the fragrance was before she passed, and the bottle has no identifying features. Please help me.
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    Default Re: Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    Sadly it looks like something you'd buy empty and refill with the perfume of your choice. Something you'd throw in your purse.

    Maybe someone else will have another idea.

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    Default Re: Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    Agreed, just looks like a travel atomizer for any fragrance.

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    Default Re: Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    That's what I was worried about, but I also couldn't imagine her thinking to do such a thing. Thank you for your response, though!

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    Default Re: Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    A few ideas that might help...

    You mention its something she wouldn’t have thought to do herself however is there someone likely that may have done it for her you could ask?

    Also if it was decanted from a bottle she previously owned it may jog someones memory to the look of the bottle if its no longer with her things.

    Another suggestion would be if there is liquid still in the atomiser you could take it to a department store and if its somethihg still in production they may be able to help you identify it.

    A Basenoter with a keen nose might also be able to help but that would mean sending it to someone else.
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    Default Re: Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    My suggestion:

    Take it to a better department store with several high-end fragrance counters with ladies working. Spray a card and take it around. Get the ladies to converse. They will very likely figure it out.
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    Default Re: Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    Okay, way back in the 90s in a small discount perfume store(sadly long gone), they sold grey market and other bits and pieces.

    I bought Lancome Magie Noire in a pre-made by Lancome themselves in a spray like this, it came in a black velvet-like a pouch. Do not remember if it even had a box? I think it might have been an extra with a purchase and the store just bought them in to sell? The glass atomizer inside had no writing on it. But I know the store never sold decants or made them up just whatever they had to sell that came in that month.

    And I still have it though empty and it looks just like this one ripped gold case.
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    Default Re: Need help identifying this fragrance by the bottle

    I’m so sorry about your loss. Truth is it may contain anything, from vintage to clones sold at flea markets. What does it smell like to you? I do hope there’s still some fragrance left in what looks to be a nondescript purse-friendly atomiser. Good luck with the search though.
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