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    Default Buddy from Pull and Bear - Help

    I have bought this perfume last year and apparently they stop producing it. It has a soft scent that doesn't hurt my sensitive nose. I don't know much about perfumes and this one is probably the first that I used regularly, so I can't really describe the scent. I couldn't find any similar perfumes on internet. Database says it has these notes of: Pink grapefruit, Grains of Paradise, Nutmeg, Atlas cedar.

    Has anyone ever tried this perfume? Can you suggest me a similar perfume, or something that goes smooth for my nose? Preferably something cheap.
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    Default Re: Buddy from Pull and Bear - Help

    Pull and Bear belongs to the same group as Zara and they are specialized in fast fashion. So they might have stopped producing that exact fragrance, but they or Zara might produce similar one

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    Mr. Burberry edt prominently features similar notes, but has many others in it as well. It will be difficult to find something as simple. Several Jacques Bogart scents contain those notes as well.
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    While not aware of and never having smelled any Pull&Bear fragrances yet, mostly tending to agree with and to second the Zara recommendation.
    Since their variety of both inexpensive and quite diverse scents, few to none with overpowering performance nor too heavy/complicated notes can at least increase the possibility to find something close to the initial experience.

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