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    Default Creed on sale at Rue LaLa

    My wife just let me know about this. I'm not in the market personally, but prices seem pretty good for various sizes, so thought I'd share with Basenotes.

    Examples as of this post:

    Viking $300 for 100ml
    Aventus $267 for 100ml and $215 for 50ml
    VIW, Himalaya, MI, OV, GIT $250 for 100ml
    SMW $240 100ml
    Royal Mayfair $150 for 75ml
    BdP and VIW $180 for 50ml
    Vetiver Geranium $155 for 100ml
    Lots of feminines as well, with equivalent discounts.

    ...generally, 35-45% off retail. Seems like a little under the going rate on Ebay for most scents, and you don't have to worry about fakes. Not sure how this stacks up to other potential sources.

    Just thought I'd share, and happy shopping.

    I think you need to create a free account with Rue LaLa to shop/search.
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    Default Re: Creed on sale at Rue LaLa

    Thanks for sharing this.
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