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    Default How to date Antaeus bottles...

    So I have a few boxed vintage Antaeus but Ive always wondered a few things...We all know the ultimate dating cypher is EDT above Chanel. Then we go with the silver top on the cap. Those are considered deep vintage, correct?

    Well Ive read that also anything with a silver sprayer is considered good as well ( the same as deep vintage ). But these bottles have EDT under Chanel. Are these a good buy too?

    Then Ive seen some bottles like the Sport that are considered very good too - smelled the same to me when I sampled it.

    You can have bottles with NO EDT on the front but found on the back of the bottle or even testers with silver sprayers with EDT on the front or back..

    Also Ive seen some with square label/stickers instead of the white printing on the face of the bottles.. weird.

    I almost forgot about the ones that say Spray EDT above Chanel too...

    Bavard is the guru on this, hopefully he pops in..

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    Default Re: How to date Antaeus bottles...

    My understanding: "vintage" is different but there may be at least two vintage formulations. New (of at least a few years ago) is still an excellent fragrance but a bit different, and certainly more "modern."

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