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    Hello friends,

    I have recently discovered brand called ARgENTUM which products have this amazing scent. I am completely addicted to it, unfortunately they did not realise fragrance yet. Do you know anything similar to that? I would really appreciate help with that. Thank you.

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    What type of products do they make if they haven't created any fragrances yet?
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    You mean these guys?

    Depends on which product. Not all of the body oils came with a good scent descriptor (Silver Hydrosol with Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and Sunflower Oil... which to me sounds kind of like it's going to be rather neutral and buttery but that's a guess).

    Le Savon Lune soap and La Potion Infinie, on the other hand, did give us something of a guide to work with, if not the proportions:

    "A flight of citrus, accompanied by the delicate essence of rosewood and geranium leaves, thriving on a vibrant heart of spices and extending to a composition of sandalwood and patchouli."

    The spices not being described is challenging too. Is that cumin, cinnamon, pepper, saffron? Or is it just a vague impression given by the woods... I'd guess at the latter, but I've never smelled this stuff, so I'm literally just stabbing in the dark here.

    Javanese Patchouli by Zegna seems like the closest fit I can think of, but you're missing the particular lift of the Geranium Leaf (I also love the sharply green, almost metallic shrillness that geranium leaf has). White Patchouli by Tom Ford will also be nice, but will lean a lot more floral than the soap or lotion from Argentum.

    You'd really need to go through some samples to test, unless someone else here is an Argentum Apothecary customer and has a better grasp of where to guide you.

    At least working with the dominant notes, that can help point you in the right direction for something to sample.

    Working blind like this I'd be guessing far too much to really give you worthwhile help. Is the citrus bergamot based, or more lemon or orange? Is the patchouli sweet, or perhaps a bit dirty? Does the rosewood overpower the sandalwood, or is the proportion of blend much higher in sandalwood's favour? (You can pretty much assume it would be Australian Sandalwood)

    Hopefully this can at least point you in the right direction.

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