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    Default New to Tom Ford, is this real Black Orchid?

    I found this bottle earlier and I have no idea if it is real or fake. To me it looks good but I need more opinions! I haven't smelled it before so I don't know what it should smell like but what I can say is that it is STRONG. If it were fake it is a very high quality fake fragrance! The bottle looks good to me as well. So what do you guys think? The batch code is BA8 and from that it looks like it was produced 2018-10.

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    Default Re: New to Tom Ford, is this real Black Orchid?

    Off the top of my head, I believe TFBO is made in two plants, one in the US and the other in Switzerland. The batch code checks to October 2018. I’m looking at a 100ml bottle of Velvet Orchid Lumière I purchased at the Covent Garden TF boutique and trying to think of things that might give clues. Inside the plastic cap there are 3 extruded legs (for lack of a better term) that hold the cap without marking or damaging the sprayer, the cord around the neck has 3 wraps, the fluting on the plastic cap slowly becomes shallower as it fades to flat, nothing abrupt or sharp, and the bottle ridges do the same as approaches the shoulders. There are no bands or markings on the sprayer, all gold-tone.

    Any reason to think you got a fake? It’s pretty convincing looking.....

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    Default Re: New to Tom Ford, is this real Black Orchid?

    Looks OK from the photos.
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