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    Bortnikoff in Scent Split

    Dmitry Bortnikoff is a man of passions, both as a qualified architect and a professional distiller of essential oils. Spending a long time in Asia, a continent that places heavy emphasis on perfume, Dmitry was thrown into the world of unique and wonderful scents, and since then, his affinity has grown immensely. Gradually, he began to master the art of distillation. With wide experience and the use of floral and plant materials, he began to create exclusive quality perfumes
    Amber Cologne
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    Musk Cologne
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    Musk Khabib
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    Oud Monarch
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    Sir Winston
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    Mysterious Oud
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    Oud Maximus Autumn 19
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    Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19
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    Scent Split
    How do you know what a French whorehouse smells like?

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    Good list of essential oils

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