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    Default Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    Anyone else hear about this? Apparently they aren't for sale anymore on the website, they've moved to a 'sale' section at a store, and a TF rep said the line is discontinued.

    For anyone who is a big fan of the following four, maybe look into it & get a backup bottle?

    Vert Boheme
    Vert d'Encens
    Vert Des Bois
    Vert De Fleur
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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    Quote Originally Posted by ILikePeeps View Post
    Anyone else hear about this?
    Hadn't heard or read about this until now.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    I think perfume companies are realising that one of the effective ways to make people buy more is to spread discontinuation talk, and occasionally discontinue some to back up those talks.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    That's the first time I've heard of this.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    I noticed this quite a while ago. Quite upsetting. I really liked that line. I have 1 more to get but I had hoped to work on getting the decanter bottles but many of them are gone already.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    Quote Originally Posted by N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer View Post
    That's the first time I've heard of this.
    Same here.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    As I recall there were similar rumours circulating mid/late last year. Didn’t care for any of these 4 so I just ignored them.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    Yes, I heard about it around the same time discontinuation rumours appeared for Beau de Jour circa last summer.

    I think you can add the Fougere line to it as well, if not immediately, then it is likely to swiftly follow, as that was the rumour at the time as well.

    I've tried Vert d'Encens and you couldn't pay me to wear it. An accurate green note for several minutes which is sharp, screechy, and headache-inducing, that becomes cloying, disgusting, aritifical, and sweetly foul in the drydown. Cannot believe anyone would pay to own it.

    Can't remember which others I tried but I think it was Vert Boheme? Seemed ok but utterly forgettable - as you can see.
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    Default Re: Tom Ford 'Vert' line discontinued apparently.

    In Russia they had been phased out of shelves last year. So I think the rumors are not groundless.
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