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    Default Seeking "Gucci Pour Homme II"

    Hey guys,

    I am running out of a small bottle of "Gucci Pour Homme II" & would like to find a new bottle of it.. If any of you guys happen to have an extra bottle of Gucci Pour Homme II that you would be willing to part with please let me know! I have quite a few different fragrances of mine up for swap, you can take a look at my latest swap thread if you would like.. From a used bottle of "Gucci Envy for Men" to "Bleu De Chanel, Dior Sauvage, YSL Y for Men" etc I have quite a few different fragrances I can offer you in exchange.. Just let me know!


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    Default Re: Seeking "Gucci Pour Homme II"

    I have Gucci Pour Homme II, 50 ml brand new bottle. It is a piece from gift set.Deo stick is missing, so onely the perfume is available.If you want it you can have it but without the box because my wife wants to keep it. Price with the shipping to United States.

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