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    Default Kirks Castille, Yardley and Mitchell's Wool Fat

    Been using Mitchells Wool Fat to wash my face. The bar takes forever to use up. In like a year, not even half way finished. It was so creamy at first, a ecru color, but it is more white now and the lather is a bit thinner. Still good, just not as much lanolin goodness. Using a new Kirks in the shower and it lathers up like no one's business but it somehow seems drying. I notice that the new three-pack of Yardley I have from Walmarts says sodium tallowate/sodoium palm kernate but they still work fine.

    Don't know which one I will settle on, but I seem to think Yardley for the shower and the Mitchell's for the face, maybe moving the MWF when it gets less lathery or creamy to the shower.

    Anyone with similar experiences?

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    Default Re: Kirks Castille, Yardley and Mitchell's Wool Fat

    I haven't heard of either of these. You mentioned Walmart? Haven't noticed them but I'll take a look next time I'm in.
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    Default Re: Kirks Castille, Yardley and Mitchell's Wool Fat

    I find with Kirk's it's better to go with the "Gentle--Fragrance Free" formula. The Original can cause some irritation/redness and perhaps even dry you out more. Of course it all depends on the individual, but it might be worth a try if you've been using the Original formula.
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    Default Re: Kirks Castille, Yardley and Mitchell's Wool Fat

    While never having used/purchased neither Kirks Castille nor Mitchells Wool Fat products so far, must admit to have had good experiences with the value for money and also the cleansing factor Yardley products provided.

    Whether their more traditional series like their classic/flagship English Lavender or more newer ones like the Citrus&Wood range, also irrespective if as plain bar soaps or as shower gels/body washes of each.

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