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    Default Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Im really a straight greenhorn when it comes to fragrances. I wouldnt even call myself that. But i had a mental awakening or moment of clarity recently and my nose craved this tart, sour berry smell to refresh my madula to the instance. I was hoping you guys might have a few suggestions. I imagine a red berry, so sour... with perhaps pine and im not sure what else and if theres a manly version of that lets see it. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    I'm thinking rhubarb.Hermes's Eau de Rhubarb Ecarlate first came to mind, but that may not be manly enough for you. Jovoy's L'Arte de la Guerre should be though. It's rhubarb and leather to me.
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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Genuine Touch by The Gate fragrances is a sour/tart masculine fragrance that might work.
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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Thierry Mugler B*Men

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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Creed Baie de Genievre
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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Jubilation 25 by Amouage has a berry note
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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Quote Originally Posted by mrcologneguy View Post
    Thierry Mugler B*Men
    Definitely this one, and probably the least expensive option mentioned even while being discontinued.

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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men


    There is one that I recently bought a full grooming set of from a small-time artisan. Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements has a re-released scent called 'Grove', which was only brought back due to a big group of shaving enthusiasts demanding the scent come back. I was going to wait until Spring to show/mention it, but the notes fit what you're asking for. It's black-currant and a tart cranberry and a tiny bit of apricot along with a minor dose of oakwood and oakmoss blended into a very slight undertone of camphor and musk. Perfumed by the co-owner Frances Towle, this one really caught my nose on a sample.

    I immediately ordered a full set of products as I like to support what I think is a very underrated business. You can order $1 samples from them (just remember the samples are aftershave/cologne samples, so judge just on the scent, not the longevity as there are Eau de Parfums you can order). Although they advertised it recently as a seasonal "Christmas" scent, I actually think this one should be a Spring/Summer scent (and that's how I will use it).

    I figure it's worth a test-smell. Shipping will be like $3-$4, so you can just order several $1 samples of different scents of theirs' just so you can get a sense of the quality of their ingredients. Quite a bit of their perfuming ingredients are hand-made using old fashioned techniques. I think this small business doesn't get much talk on fragrance forums because they have a focus on shaving products.....but they put a very focused effort into their scents/fragrances too.

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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay Cologne may fit.
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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Mugler A*Men Pure Shot/Energy also might fit the bill.

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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Calvin Klein Dark Obsession
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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    For what it is worth, OP, I share your desire for a tart, sour berry note. I've always wanted a cranberry note to be used in fragrances.

    The ONLY thing I've encountered that's in that wheelhouse is the cranberry note in Slumberhouse's Zahd. Sadly, that was an ultra-limited release that doesn't show any promise of coming back soon or perhaps at all.

    I'm currently working on a fragrance which combines cranberry with a certain kind of wood in a display of affection toward the neighborhood I grew up in... But of course, that won't be ready for quite a while.

    If you need something else that's easily accessible in the meantime, perhaps Burberry London might at least scratch part of your itch? It's more "mulled wine" than "tart berry," but it goes there further than most fragrances I've come across.

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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Perry Ellis 360 (Juniper)

    John Varvatos Vintage (Another Rhubarb)

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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    While seconding especially BMen, also adding among the unisex choices and with little to no berry notes Rhubarbe Pamplemousse from the Pierre Herme line by l'Occitane
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    Default Re: Sour/tart berry fragrances for men

    Gucci Guilty Oud has a very nice blackberry note. Not sour/tart per se, but pretty nice IMO.
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