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    Default Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    ​Who says perfume can’t be political? In some cases it may just be a pretty glass bottle with a generically pleasant-smelling liquid inside, but amongst the ever-expanding sea of new releases, something that is more than just a pretty proverbial face feels downright refreshing. One longtime crusader for this cause is Geza Schoen.

    Read the rest of the article here

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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    Interesting article.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    Great article! Thank you Carla. I can't wait to try the Beautiful Mind fragrances. I love his philosophy/thought processes that inspired the fragrances.
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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    This reporting definitely helps the Beautiful Mind Series make much more sense, so thank you, Carla.

    Honestly speaking, my initial thoughts about the series when it first came out were framed within expectation of the exact superficial worldview that Schön finds so objectionable. Thus, the concept sounded like "Paris Hilton of The Mind - Smart Is The New Orange Sexy - Catch Her Next Week on Brain Idol" - which would clearly be just more pretentious claptrap from celebrity culture. In fact, I don't think the industry was able to frame his work any other way - the time simply wasn't right. Now? A different story, and it makes sense. All going to prove yet again that the idea was quite bleeding edge. And note that YSL tagged along on this idea just a bit with their recent marketing campaign for Y (the men's release). Ah, yes - the thing is so much safer, it's not even the thing any more! *eyeroll*

    Although my "fragrant politics" might not be exactly the same as Schön's, we are certainly allied in the rebellion against superficiality, which never ends, in my opinion. Yes, we need bread and circuses in perfume, but a few great libraries will make our grandchildren happy, too.

    PS - Enjoying another example of Schön's work right now. His abilities are quite clear!
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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    Great article, thanks Carla!

    I am myself a fan of Schoen, that has revolutionned perfumery by its massive use of synthetics and his - now excessively used - freesia accord (used again in E05).

    He has signed some of the most interesting fragrances I own, and also a few I don't own yet, like: Anat Fritz Tzora, Baldessarini Ultimate, Bouddica Wode, Escentric 02, Kinski, OJ Zizan, OJ Montabaco, OJ Black Gold.

    That said, I have to admit that I have smelt the Beautiful Mind (both #1 and #2) and found them pleasant (at best), but nothing political or memorable, especially at that price point. No real statement, and again a "best-of" of his favourite accords and bases (freesia again in BM2, to cite just one).

    Still, a great perfumer!

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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    Thank you for the lovely feedback everyone, some great food for thought here!

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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    The antithesis of Ensar Oud. They should collaborate and produce something special.
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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    I enjoyed reading this article, thanks Carla :thumbsup:
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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    "Time to empower women through perfume - and who better to do it than me, a man!"
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    Default Re: Geza Schön: Rebel With An Olfactory Cause

    I didn't think anyone said fragrance can't be political. People can and will make anything political if it serves their agenda. That's the problem, perhaps, 'weaponising' fragrance as some kind of political statement. Go ahead, ruin our appreciation of fragrance by telling us what an unsustainable luxury it is, destroying the planet, endangering mysore sandalwood and musks derived from animals, killing us with synthetic allergens, packaging waste, pollution.

    I find the comment about Paris Hilton insulting. Is anyone so resoundingly ignorant that they think only women with big tits and 'starlet' status can do something special? I might ask, what exactly is wrong about a woman with big tits and 'starlet' status? Are you saying this is a bad thing? Or that you need something to balance it? How quickly people seem to have forgotten Mother Teresa. Or how about Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II, Angela Merkel, to name a few? Would you associate any of these women with 'big titted starlet'? This is the problem with people pushing an ideology, and people that unquestioningly accept that ideology. If you want to celebrate regular women doing something cool, how about a fragrance called 'Housewiofe and mother'. Perhaps that smells too strongly of white male heterosexual patriarchal privilege. F*** off.

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