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    Default Looking to use essential oils for scenting home - any help appreciated

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to find an alternative to incense sticks, which I stopped using a few years ago, for scenting my home.

    I've purchased a really lovely soapstone oil warmer from The Body Shop in the UK which holds a tealight candle and has a dish for holding/heating oils for use as aromatherapy.

    I'd really like advice on the following:

    - What's the best way to use them to keep rooms scented (frequency, longevity)
    - UK-based reliable brands/sellers
    - Are there issues with perfume oils v essential oils?

    I'd love to find scents for the following, and use them according to season, rather than mood - so

    - Woody (cedar, sandalwood) for Autumn
    - Frankincense & Myrrh Winter
    - Orange/Mandarin & Clove (Christmas)
    - Lavender & Rosemary (Spring)
    - Fresh Citrus (Bergamot, Mandarin, Neroli etc) for Summer
    - (and I have no idea if this is possible, but sea salt and seaweed as well for spring/summer)

    Also welcome to any sort of advice about the scents chosen or anyone with more knowledge who might be able to help.

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    Default Re: Looking to use essential oils for scenting home - any help appreciated

    You might look into burning bakhoor.
    With so many bakhoor offerings out there, I'd suggest trying sample packs.
    Find what your nose is partial to.
    Living in the UK, you should have access to plenty of bakhoor sources.
    I'd suggest a variable temperature electric bakhoor/incense burner. You'd have more control over the burn temp and you'd be ready to roll, should you want to venture into the world of burning raw incense resins.

    I haven't tried any hand made bakhoor varieties, but one commercial scent I really enjoy is Nabeel Bakhoor Premium.
    I would like to delve into making my own bakhoor, for personal use.

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    Default Re: Looking to use essential oils for scenting home - any help appreciated

    Hi slpfrsly

    exists many forms of auto-aromatherapy, such pendants (mades of plaster, for home or personal use), little bottles in necklace, drops in cotton balls, sachets, thick paper cards etc. As you looking for home, eletric diffusers are very usual actually, but oil burners with candles are more charming.

    For combinations, search in pinterest, thousands of combinations for essential oils, you can use not only for home but also for you, the aroma types you sayed are correct for seasons. Certain essential oils like citrus, can smell a bit strange when burned by long time, so is used in few drops. About longevity citrus can smell by some hours, but things like patchouly can smell up 2 days.

    Some people like dilutes essential oil in alcohol (or vodka sometimes) and put in a spray botlles to apply in home, such curtains, upholstery, but dilluting eos in low amounts to not stain them.
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