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    Default My First Experience with an Aventus

    I was an Aventus virgin until today. I had such high hopes for the experience. There was such a hype, for so many years, about him. It had to be tremendous.

    But no! Aventus to me had a beautiful start. I got the fruity mix, and it is a very natural, extremely refreshing and natural smelling blend of fruits. So many other fragrances failed miserably with fruity notes (remember Luca's Beyond Paradise?). I could single out the pineapple only after a around 5 minutes or so, because the initial fruit mix confused me.

    After that beautiful and exciting foreplay, the act itself was disappointing. Maybe I am too inexperienced, maybe it is my fault, maybe I have a small nose. But all I get after some time it is a faint remembrance of pineapple and delicate flowers (I don't get the rose), and the smokiness. I don't get any sweetness at all nor any vanilla. I don't get the ambergris base either. I got it with Bois du Portugal, who was a much better companion in the olfactory bed.

    If Aventus is better than sex, maybe I will try him again, and see what happens. But considering the price I had to pay for the lovemaking session with him, I might just give up on a long term relationship.

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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrei Bolkonsky View Post

    . . . maybe it is my fault . . .

    Sadly, there are some apologists, fanbois and zealots who’d be quite satisfied in reducing your experience to that.
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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    interesting analogy along with the gendering of aventus as 'him'
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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    I agree the opening is fun.

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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    Now the suspense for you is over.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    Thank you for the impressions shared. Happening to both own and love Aventus, while having finally become familiar with this one about roughly to years ago, had similar hopes and expectations about this.
    And while it was definitely not a disappointment and being satisfied with both its performance as well as its array of notes along with their development over time, liked this one mainly due to a certain familiarity, thanks to several notes did already enjoy in other scents (Joop Nightflight, Lapidus pour Homme, maybe even Endymion EDC, Zara Gold, the Boss Bottled range as well as certain Baldessarini scents and ranges etc.) only now reinterpreted with much better ingredients and more nuances, subtleties, pauses).

    Finding, testing and retesting, as well as ultimately wearing this fragrance, allowing to become properly comfortable with and accustomed to it was perhaps not a breathtaking love at first sight nor consuming passion, however far more like a sense of ease, pleasant rekindling and reminiscing with an old friend/acquaintance that has meanwhile matured, evolved and better highlighted all the positive aspects and reassuring qualities.

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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    What Aventus was vs what it is now, is one of the biggest changes for any perfume I think in recent memory, at least for something this well known. Aventus used to be a niche fragrance fit more for Autumn/early Spring than the versatile nearly any weather note breakdown of today. It used to boast an ashy pineapple and roasted bed of apples which slowly turned woody and musky with a hint of moss and creamy vanilla. My recollection of the note breakdown has faded over-time as it's been over 5 years since I wore vintage but I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt it was a different and better fragrance worthy of it's asking price, which mind you, was considerably less back then.

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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    The secret to Creed's success is the "familiarity" Ken speaks about above: taking accords and structures already in the mainstream and then giving them a particularly high-quality expression. I appreciate Aventus in that regard, but in its current form it does feel more conventional than it probably did back in 2010.

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    Default Re: My First Experience with an Aventus

    Aventus is a fun fragrance, I hope the future of it isn’t going to be a mess with new ownership. Variations can be fun too, that’s another rabbit hole haha, I’ve experienced a few and always liked the darker ones the dry down was always best on those. The fruity ones are great too, the biggest knock would be the nose blindness that happens in the dry down. I recall the day a shirt of mine was in the hamper from prior day and the wind blew just right on a summer day in my room and stirred the sillage just right and WOW lol.
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