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    Default Ortigia - available anywhere in U.S.?

    I stocked up a little on my favorite Ortigia scents (esp. Sandalo) at various sales. But now it seems that no one in the U.S., whether online or brick and mortar, stocks them. Am I wrong? Hope so. I really should have bought a bigger bottle of the Bergamotto, such a compliment-getter.

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    Default Re: Ortigia - available anywhere in U.S.?

    You can always place an order on their website. They ship worldwide. They also have on their website a long list of all shops carrying their products, some located at first glance in the US.
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    Default Re: Ortigia - available anywhere in U.S.?

    Thanks, hednic, will look into it.

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    Default Re: Ortigia - available anywhere in U.S.?

    Fumerie carries these. They’re still shipping online orders.

    I don’t see bergamotto, but call Tracy and I’m sure she’ll be happy to help. She does special orders. It’s good to send business the way of independents in these difficult times.

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