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    Question The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    Hi everyone !
    Looking for guidance here. I don't go to perfumeries much these days, (here in France if you enter a perfumery and don't buy anything they look at you daggers !) It makes me feel very uncomfortable, so I prefer to hear from the experts here first !!!
    I'm really okay about wearing female fragrances as a male, but my budget requires mainstream designer fragrances only as recommendations.

    I tried Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose edt recently and was impressed. Apart from that I'm really out of touch.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    Possibly Herbae and/or Herbae l'Eau by l'Occitane among the recent releases, as well as further Cerisier and Pierre Herme flankers (quite many and in fact so diverse have nearly lost track of all) by this very same house of l'Occitan, hopefully within an affordable, inexpensive price range especially in France or with even better value for money, the lavender fragrance series by La Maison du Savon de Provence

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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    I'd like to piggyback on David's thread because while I have not sampled any 2020 fragrance yet, I would love to hear from anyone who has. I am especially interested in:

    Nest - Sunkissed Hibiscus

    Thierry Mugler - Alien Mirage

    Diptypque - Impossible Bouquet Do Son

    Diptyque - Impossible Bouquet Eau de Sens

    YSL La Vestiare - Jumpsuit

    Lancome - Peut-Etre

    Monique Lhuillier

    Gucci - A Chant For a Nymph

    Zara - Neroli Sunset

    Cartier - Pur Muguet, Pur Magnolia, & Pur Kinkan

    Narciso Rodriguez - Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée
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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    My three most recent FB purchases among designer feminines are:

    My Burberry Black Parfum - strong peach patchouli

    Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme - leathery berry rose

    Galop d'Hermès - leathery fruity rose

    All are highly recommended!
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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    One that jumped out to me was Rogue Perfumery - Jasmine Antique. A great benchmark for the note of jasmine.
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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    Great thread. Thanks for the question and answers, friends.

    I was already intrigued about the new l'Occitane l'Eau, Peut-Etre, and Jasmin Antique.

    Didn't know about the new Diptyques.

    Hermes Galop is commendable, but I'm mostly anosmic to it.
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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    I believe the new Diptyques are the same scents as before in a limited edition packaging.

    Any recent Narciso Rodriguez and Bottega Veneta (except perhaps Illusione) are worth trying IMO. The following, relatively recent releases are worth checking out:

    - Hermes Twilly
    - YSL Libre
    - Angel Eau Crosiere
    - Prada Candy Night
    - Dior Joy Intense

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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    I recommend Jil Sander Simply, in different versions.
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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zilpha View Post

    YSL La Vestiare - Jumpsuit
    How had I managed to not even hear about this whole Vestiaire line from YSL? (Probably because I'm not likely to spend $250 for a designer bottle -- but several do look intriguing to sample.)

    The Jumpsuit combination of bergamot and magnolia sounds wonderful, as do some of the others in the Vestiaire line, like Tuxedo and Caftan.

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    Default Re: The Most Interesting Recent Female Releases ?

    Not sure how recent you are looking. But Prada Infusion D'armande seems a unisex (prob femme leaning) scent that deserves more attention.

    On a very quick sniff the currently available Givenchy L'interdit seems better than most dept store stuff

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