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    Default late 18th century shagreen etui

    Posting pics of my late 18th century shagreen etui. Mine is empty, just the case. Others can be more complete.

    Further information: Toilet service
    An étui [fr][5] (from the French, for keeper or holder)[6] is a woman's ornamental case, usually carried in a pocket or purse. It holds small tools for daily use such as folding scissors, bodkins, sewing needles (a needlecase), hairpins, tweezers, makeup pencils, etc.[7] Some étuis were also used to carry doctors' lancets.[8] These boxes were made of different materials such as wood, leather, ivory, silver, gold, tortoise shell, mother of pearl, and shagreen. Fabergé created the Necessaire Egg as an étui.

    An example of this is on eBay:
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    Default Re: late 18th century shagreen etui

    Very nice! The best known of these is probably the one Caron used for Nuit de Noël. I think the early ones were real shagreen; later ones were printed.

    I love the look and texture of real shagreen. I have cowboy boots made of it: wears like iron.

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    Default Re: late 18th century shagreen etui

    That case is stunning, sniffman. What a beautiful shade of green - and it is in excellent condition, given its great age.

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    Default Re: late 18th century shagreen etui

    Yes, thanks. The outside is very well-preserved. I was able to get it for a reasonable price because it seems to be missing its contents. In addition, the red velvet lining on the bottom is missing from the top. The brass hardware is intact, and it opens and closes solidly when the brass button is pressed. It comes from an age of non-planned obsolescence. But it presents well when it's closed.
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    Default Re: late 18th century shagreen etui

    Thank you for sharing the pictures with us, enjoy this very impressive addition.

    Perfume and perfume/fashion accessories history at its best, displayed in stunning visuals.
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    Default Re: late 18th century shagreen etui

    Very nice.
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