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    Hi everyone. Iíve been interested in fragrance for a long time now, and recently tried making my own fragrances. When looking for information this forum seemed to pop up often on google. So I decided to make an account.

    My aim is to try make a nice fragrance and hopefully one day have a range I can sell!

    So please be patient if Iím posting nonsense as Iím still learning!

    Iíve seen a few topics from people saying study certain aroma chemicals see how long they last before building an accord. How or why is this advised? If I had sandalwood on a test strip and it lasted for 4 days and Cedarwood, 3 days.... what good is this for? Does this just determine what will be top mid and base notes for my own record?

    Anyway I hope to learn as much as I can and hopefully one day I can make
    a fragrance worthy to sell

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    Having the figures in your example would be good for very little. But the numbers seem chosen to obviously be good for very little, so it doesn't demonstrate anything as to the usefulness of being familiar with substantivity of one's materials.

    Perhaps consider the case of whether a material disappears in an hour versus being still there days or weeks later. Might that not be useful in having an idea how the perfume would evolve with time?

    It's important to consider that smell disappears from a strip at perhaps only 1/20th (and not a fixed value) the speed that it does from the skin.

    So while it might not be too relevant whether a material lasted 24 hours vs 240 hours on the skin, as 24 hours is good enough for that, it does make a practical difference, once the material is on the skin, whether it lasts 24 hours or 240 hours on the strip.

    If you have a vision for how your perfume should smell at say the 8-12 hour point after application, the second of those materials will be relevant while the first will not. If you are counting on it to do so, that will fail. Best to know that early on in the process rather than later.

    Besides this, for essential oils and absolutes or any mixture the actual smell, not just the intensity, changes with time and those changes need to be understood as well.

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    Hi! Welcome!
    I am just learning as well, I think this takes awhile��
    For me ( I work with a lot of naturals) not only do I test for how long it stays on the strip, but also the change in aroma as it dries down. Almost everything banged, sometimes quite a lot as it dries. Some things project or diffuse, so you walk back in and you smell it in the room.some trail the scent to varying degrees so when it moves it leaves traces in the air( silliage).
    Just putting the materials together won’t tell you who which did what . That would be fine if everything was just a recipe that worked perfectly, ... the need to backtrack and know what they are doing first on their own , as much about them as possible ,then in combo , then even more can be discovered.

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    (To condense Bill's response)

    The reason to know the time a material takes to disappear, is to be able to plan and anticipate a fairly constant evaporative curve of your fragrance. This will help your fragrance to have a smooth and pleasant wearing experience for the customer.
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    Yes your right! I have a few notes and experiences. I’m slowly getting there

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