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    Default Frederic Malle, live Q&A, 8th April

    Just got it in the mail, FM will be doing live Q&A on instagram.

    I missed the last one, maybe I will tune in this time. Tho I barely have an instagram account.

    Maybe some of you will produce some good questions.

    "On Wednesday April 8th at 3:00 PM (Paris Time),
    the perfume publisher will present on Instagram the second session
    of his Perfume Series, covering “Perfume ingredients and formulae,
    how to select the best ingredients, natural vs synthetic.”

    He will be pleased to answer your questions."

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    Default Re: Frederic Malle, live Q&A, 8th April

    Thanks for sharing, that's wonderful!
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    Default Re: Frederic Malle, live Q&A, 8th April

    Thank you for this info.
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    Default Re: Frederic Malle, live Q&A, 8th April

    Really enjoyed the last one,hopefully this one is just as good!
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    Default Re: Frederic Malle, live Q&A, 8th April


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    Default Re: Frederic Malle, live Q&A, 8th April

    Thanks for the info.
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    Default Re: Frederic Malle, live Q&A, 8th April

    Thanks for sharing this
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