Bill Roberts

If it makes you feel better I'll readily admit I've never extracted nicotine out of tobacco concrete and even if I did I didn't observe erratic phase separation which I haven't attributed to salting out effect and haven't adjusted the procedure. I didn't do it because I haven't ever modelled phase separation with hydrogen bonding being disturbed. I've also never heard of people in my home city using self made alkaloid salt with fatal effect. All that is fabricated.

But you see, I still think I achieved my goal of discouraging people from tinkering with tobacco extracts if they don't exactly know what they are doing. They might omit some step or not realise that tobacco absolutes aren't extracted with ethanol and thus have much lower content of mineral salts. I don't think anyone sane reading this exchange will go ahead and use their tobacco tinctures on skin after having treated it with citric acid just because protonated nicotine should migrate to aqueous phase.

So in my book we all should be happy. You proved successfully your superiority and I managed to share my safety concerns.