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    Default Turkish Kolonya question

    Hi all, I read the following article about traditional Turkish Kolonya and was wondering if anyone knew what else is traditionally used in formulation (aside from ethanol and essential oil).

    In other words, what is likely added to prevent irritation and dryness when using this frequently on hands.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Turkish Kolonya question

    If used on hands constantly, just like our hand sanitizer, you would likely place Glycerin at 1% in the formula.

    Just google for the WHO Hand sanitizer formula recently published.

    It is important though, to not place the Ethyl Alcohol content too high, or it kills the virus too fast, hardening the outer shell too fast, and does not kill thoroughly or completely.

    And to say, Isopropyl Alcohol is actually better at this job than ethyl alcohol.
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    Default Re: Turkish Kolonya question

    Quote Originally Posted by pkiler View Post
    And to say, Isopropyl Alcohol is actually better at this job than ethyl alcohol.
    This isn’t strictly true, actually. This varies from pathogen to pathogen. And I’m not sure, given how new this coronavirus is, whether or not we have a good data on the most effective one. We may, but I would like to see some professional recommendations. Concentration also matters, as you say, but there is a curve; sometimes more dilute and sometimes less dilute proves more efficacious.

    The CDC has some relevant information, but nothing about coronavirus, specifically.

    Edit: The CDC actually does have recommendations (but not concrete data) for concentrations of sanitizers for inactivating the coronavirus. More than 60% for ethanol, and more than 70% for iso propyl:

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