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    Default SOS! Nu YSL EDP 1.7 oz weight

    Could someone possibly weigh their Nu YSL EDP 1.7oz perfume bottle, old formulation, not the white cube La Collection, ideally either completely empty or full?
    I've got a bottle on eBay and I'm trying to estimate how full it is. It seems suspiciously light, flashlight doesn't help in seeing the perfume level. It was sold as brand new in damaged box, but sprayed from the first attempt, so I assume it was sprayed before.
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    Default Re: SOS! Nu YSL EDP 1.7 oz weight

    This is my Nu YSL 50ml bottle. The glued part of the plastic case has been removed to see the fill level in the bottle.
    It looks like it's half full, but I've come across the information that the actual bottle is larger than the volume of the liquid that's supposed to be in it.

    Weight of the 50ml bottle with all the case parts removed - 83.95g
    bottle with removable lid removed - 97.73g
    bottle in case (with removable lid) - 161.46g
    removable lid separately weighs 63-64g

    ANY information on Nu YSL EDP bottles would be greatly appreciated (i.e. diameter of 100ml bottle, original fill line of 50ml bottle, weight of empty or brand new unused 50ml bottle, photos of 100ml bottle next to 50ml bottle etc.).

    My level 50ml.jpg
    My weight 50 ml.jpg
    My weight whole 50 ml.jpg
    My weight without lid 50ml.jpg
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