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    Default Chamade question

    Does anyone know the difference between the chamade edt in the brown box vs the one in the white box? I’ve attached photos of both - hopefully you can see them. Is one a more recent formulation? Is one more similar to the vintage version? Is there a general consensus on which is better? Is it worth buying, or should I save my money for a vintage version? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Chamade question

    I will say the white box is the newest version, but then they moved Chamade into the Bee Bottle design along with most of the other fragrances I think it was 2 years back? The gold box looks like a stock photo of the older design box with the current Bee Bottle so you might still get the white box?

    I think Chamade has survived pretty well with the changes imposed on the fragrance world. But I own the parfum and EDP versions.
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    Default Re: Chamade question

    I think either would be fine. If I had to choose, I'd go with the more recent one (so the white box). Chamade was 'restored' a few years back and the EdT is smelling pretty good right now, as Donna has said.

    The EdP is discontinued.

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