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    Default VpH + A&F Fierce?

    Versace Pour Homme + A&F Fierce

    Does something like this exist?

    Particularly having the Crisp + Airy vibe of VpH, but maybe being more like Fierce scent wise. Something bright and refreshing.

    I've tried MB Legend, Platinum Egoiste, Dior Homme Eau, but didn't find what I'm looking for there.

    Vodka on The Rocks & Percival are a few niche ones that might be along these lines, but is there anything else worth checking out?

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    Default Re: VpH + A&F Fierce?

    I dont know beyond Dior Homme Eau.
    That's as close as I can imagine with my nose.
    Dior Homme Cologne?
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    Default Re: VpH + A&F Fierce?

    Quote Originally Posted by d r e View Post

    Vodka on The Rocks & Percival are a few niche ones that might be along these lines
    Worth checking these out.
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    Default Re: VpH + A&F Fierce?

    Maybe also Hugh Parsons Blue among niche ones, the more sproty ones by Coach (obviously excluding the more classic and quite heady, almost neo-powerhouse Leatherware) and even the ultra bargain Everlast 1910 among the way more affordable ones
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    Default Re: VpH + A&F Fierce?

    Check out Tommy Bahama Maritime. To me it is a tropical/beach Fierce. It is really nice for the price point. Itís definitely got Fierce DNA , just fresher.
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