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    Default Question about D&G Light Blue

    Hi. Just bought a bottle of Light Blue from FragranceX and noticed that the liquid color is clear, based on the internet photos it should be yellowish. Is this fake?

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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    How does it smell?

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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    This is my first bottle of Light Blue so I have no idea of the smell. The box and bottle looks okay though, just the color.

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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    It's always been clear with a slight straw color so long as I can remember, but it might be totally clear now. It's been a while.
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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    FragranceX doesn't sell fakes so take comfort in that.
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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    I recommend the Eau Intense version for that extra tart scent. But you got a good scent there.

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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    Thanks for the replies. The scent is quite good and lasts for about 5 hours.

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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    You should be fine. Enjoy
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    Default Re: Question about D&G Light Blue

    It should be okay.
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