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    Post description of a scent!!

    How do you think the scent of a perfume can be best described in words?

    Write your description of your favorite perfume...

    In my opinion, it is indescribable

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    Default Re: description of a scent!!

    Quote Originally Posted by pedi View Post

    Write your description of your favorite perfume...
    Welcome to you pedi! Enjoy your time here at Basenotes! I'd describe my favorite scent as fulfilling.
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    Default Re: description of a scent!!

    I think it is best described by listing the notes that are detectable and then trying to explain how the perfume makes you feel. There are lots of reviews that I think do a great job at describing scents.

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    Default Re: description of a scent!!

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I think a great description of a fragrance must contain the following:
    - The color
    - The texture
    - The shape
    - The personality
    - Temperature (Does it smell hot or cold?)
    - Weight
    - Pitch
    - Notes
    - Genre classification


    A great review, on the other hand requires a detailed description of the prior characteristics plus much more.

    I don't really have a favorite fragrance, and I also really don't feel like taking the time out to type a quality description. However, there are many reviews with fabulous descriptions that I suggest you check out. Bois de Jasmine has some really nice ones. Luca Turin is also really, really good.
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    Default Re: description of a scent!!

    If it smells similar to other things or just talking about the notes. Talking about a fragrance in terms of how it's supposed to make you feel or the type of person it's made for is marketing and giving the buyer a false sense of self and the fragrance.
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    Default Re: description of a scent!!

    Very alluring.
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    Default Re: description of a scent!!


    Describing the absolute personal favorite scent as one of the best rendition of timeless fragrant stylishness.

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