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    Default Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Hi , everyone very new on here , i never owned much in scents over many years, but when i did start to like to wear them i happen to come across this one !
    my dilemma is i use to have a vintage tom ford gold label oud wood which i really loved , but ran out.
    However i do have the grey later version presently , which feels to be not has strong , I like it , but lacking what ever the vintage one had?
    is it possible to still obtain the vintage anywhere i looked avidly with no success?

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Hello and Welcome Bezzy, you can always start a thread for a wanted vintage bottle of Oud Wood here on BN. I agree that the gold label bottle of Oud Wood is much better than the current grey version is, best of luck in your search.

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Hi Bezzy and welcome to Basenotes! Have you checked eBay? That is where I have bought pretty much all my vintage fragrances.

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    You just have to keep looking. If anywhere, it will most likely pop up on eBay. Maybe keep your eyes on facebook groups and Basenotes as well. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Welcome to you Bezzy! Enjoy your time here at Basenotes!
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
    Mean spirited, nasty, snide, sarcastic, hateful, and rude individuals on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve my or other Basenoters' acknowledgement or respect.

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Have you tried Oud Wood Intense?
    "Ducks eat for free at Subway."

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    ebay. but be careful. there are man tom ford fakes out there. id say the majority.
    I smell.

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Good luck with your search.
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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Patience is the name of the game here, eventually you'll find it.

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    Default Re: Just starting out and overwhelmed

    Welcome Bezzy. I would strongly looking in the sales threads and perhaps creating a thread in the Fragrance wanted forum. Ebay would be another place to look. Good luck.

    Just did an eBay search, two showed up. Both sellers I'd be cautious about given their low feedback with one of them having a low feedback score.

    A 100ml bottle up for auction.

    A 250ml decanter.

    This seller on BN is selling a vintage bottle:
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