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Can you believe it? One of my friends (also a senior
in college) has
over THIRTY THREE different colognes in his house!!!
At least a third
of them are those little tiny sample bottles, but
the reason he has
so many is that he will use the new cologne about
halfway through the
bottle, and then get a new one, and he has saved all
of them through
high school. I would be VERY curious to know if
anyone has more than
33 different bottles of cologne in their current
posession! As for
myself, I have five:

Curve (daily cologne)
Realm (church on Sundays)
Claiborne Sport (daily/special occasions)
Jovan Ginseng NRG (daily)
Egoiste Platinum (special occasions/parties)

Whenever I get more than that, I will give my least
used bottle to
one of my friends and they will be forever in my
Hi there!

As a kid, mum used to make a chicken soup that
contained funny looking pieces of twig-like material.
I asked her what it was and she just told me it was
good for me and that I had to eat it. I remember it in
it's uncooked form which had a rather rich aroma
ranging from sweet to slightly bitter.
I have loved the smell of ginseng eversince.
And it wasn't until I read your email that I learnt
that there was a fragrance out there using ginseng.
I must look into it.