JDusty4 Said:
I've asked for my mother to take me to the dermatologist
for my birthday this year (ain't that sad?) What I'm worried
about is that he'll tell me some BS like "only use nuetrogena
soap once a day and nothing else on your skin ever" (forgot
to mention i have mild acne but it bothers the hell out of
me). currently i use clear nutrogena 2x a day, and on
mon-wed-fri I use exfoliating face scrub for men i got at the
body shop, which i put on before the nutrogena (which is the
plain fragrance free liquid kind) then I use nutrogena's
on-the-spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream (I used to use
clearasil but it didn't work particularly well and it made my
face peel). Then at night I wash my face w/ nutrogena then
put on the nutrogena on the spot stuff,then a "nightime pore
clairfying gel" from nutrogena. basically my questions are
-will he tell me to just use one thing and then my face will
be all peely and ugly?
-is what i'm using good?
-does anyone have any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot!

Basenotes Said:

Your skincare regime seem okay. I'm glad to see you aren't
using the scrub everyday.

Remember that Dermo's are very knowledgeable about skin
so it's unlikely he'll fob you off with some BS. See if you can
find a Derm that has been reccomended by a friend.

You could try posting to alt.skincare as many dermo's lurk
about in there, maybe they could give you some information
on what to expect.