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Hi guys, I been gone for several days, so got this little hissy fit
all at once. I apologize for adding to it, and I am only 1/10 of
the way through the 558 basenotes messages, thus i am speaking
without knowing any possible future installments. I just wanted to say
to all including our friend, that in this electronic age, it gets harder
and harder to hide. Some are going to way too much trouble here.
For example a free public records search on aol on ' chriscia royse'
produces street address and phone number. She is in Wooster OH, btw.
With a little more work, you can get a map of the neighborhood, names
of neighbors, approx ages. I once did this to demonstrate to a friend just
how open we really are. (The challange was to get the name of her
father-in-law who was living with them. That took a bit .. he owned no
and did not drive.) Not suggesting anything here, of course, just
reminding all of us that we may think we are hidden but our remarks may
come back to haunt us in the future.


I agree Amir, but there's nothing wrong with having a few kicks at a morons
expense, especially when she's looking to harass/annoy/bug a group. She's
also very stupid indeed. Ali has an excellent point. FYI Ali, I work for
the gov, and I did a little digging into our scarletqueen. Came up with
three possibles all located in Ohio, where she went to school. Then I ran
correlation as to which of these three was in close enough proximity to
travel or go to this school in Ohio. Narrowed it down to one. Now I'm going
to run it through the OH state DMV DB to see if we have a possible match
with our scarelt queen. If that doesnt work, I'll just run here name
through the another DB, that will take a bit longer though. Also guessing
by here grad date on the WCCC website I'm guessing she might be between