Francois Blais Said:
I'd like to get suggestions on woody fragrances with vanilla


Vajira Said:
maybe pour un homme by caron.

Francois Blais Said:
Tried it.
But too much lavender in it.
Would be best worn by a woman, in my opinion.

Vajira Said:
another suggestions Bois Oriental by shiseido.
vanilla , woody santal
It' s pretty hard to find it. IT 's only sold in les salons du palais
royal shiseido in paris.

Basenotes Said:
The following Men's fragrances have both vanilla and woody

Ambro by Jacomo (1996)
Armand Basi Homme (2000)
Baby Blue Jeans by Versace (1995)
Bel Ami by Hermes (1986)
Casran by Chopard (2000)
L'Egoiste by Chanel (1990)
Ferrari by Ferrari (1996)
Hot by Benetton (1997)
Joop! Homme (1989)
L'Uomo Trussardi (1997)
Lalique pour Homme (1997)
Le Male by Gaultier (1995)
Live Jazz by YSL (1998)
Lolita Lempicka au Masculin (1998)
Merge by Xan Kim (1999)
Minotaure by Paloma Picasso (1992)
Penny Black for Men by Penny Black (1999)
PS by Paul Sebastion
Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti (1994)
Time for Peace by Kenzo (1999)

Hope this helps.

Francois Blais Said:
I wore Minotaure for a couple of years.
Bvlgari Black also seems to have vanilla, and the mix with tea
is interesting, but then again, would probably give better
results worn by a woman.
I'd really like to try Kenzo Time for Peace (and also Jungle)
Kenzo products are no more available here in Quebec (maybe
even Canada) since a few years.
I think Kenzo forbidden the export here because his products
were at some time available in drugstores, and he wanted
them to be prestige brands.

Basenotes said:

Kenzo time for peace is very good, but unfortunatley its a
limited edition :(